WhipStick Overload Bat Training

$123.00 $110.00
Overload Bat Training - WhipStick
WhipStick Overload Bat Training
Overload Bat Training - WhipStick
Overload Bat Training - WhipStick

WhipStick Overload Bat Training

$123.00 $110.00
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Product Description

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Dramatically Increase Batted Ball Distance Without Touching Swing Mechanics...In A Reasonably Short Period Of Time!


Here are some of the cool things about the SUPER overload bat training WhipStick:

  • Ultimate overload bat training - Is a drop-0 weighted bat. So a 36-inch length would weigh 36-ounces...
  • Like a "rain stick" - Buckshot/BB's slide to end of bat when hitter swings, causing inertial momentum to build a SUPER end loaded bat (can't get that with any other end loaded overload bat training system)...
  • Wiffle ball skinny barrel - challenges hitters to get a skinny barrel to the ball.  Couple this with a MaxBP pitching machine that throws golf-ball sized wiffle balls and you have yourself small ball training lightning in a bottle!
  • High Tee Drills - get hitters using SUPER end loaded WhipStick while hitting ball set high on tee, so hitters are challenged to NOT pop the ball up (btw, this is hard not to do with a WhipStick). Goal is for hitter to get ball coming off bat the same height of the tee.  And I highly recommend a Backspin Tee, so hitter forces the barrel to the bottom half of the ball...
  • Optimize deceleration - the Buckshot/BB's moving down to end load the bat coupled with hitter doing "Check Swing Drill" causes hitter to work deceleration phase of dynamic movement.  This is important because the body's braking system is just as important as its acceleration system.
  • Audible feedback - can hear when the Buckshot/BB's rush to end load the bat, so hitter can train delaying or releasing that sound to adjust to inside/up versus down/away pitches.  When barrel enters hitting zone matters!



    Patrick Perry is the owner and inventor of WhipStick. With a decade of collegiate coaching experience at the DI and DII levels, he strives to find the most effective ways to yield results for his clients.  Simple coaching cues and effective feedback loops have allowed offensives under his tutelage and clients to achieve at high levels, self-correct, and develop next level understanding of their swings and offensive approach. 

    Hitting has turned into a complex world with advancements in motion capture, data analytics, and evolving schools of thought towards run production and offensive value.  Effective coaching cues, implementing products designed for feel and allowing for self-discovery have been guiding principles throughout his career.

    Before entering the coaching world, Perry was a 7th round draft pick of the Boston Red Sox in the 2004 draft.  The career farmhand played for six seasons through 2009 before pursuing coaching at the University of Northern Colorado.  He has been involved with every level of baseball and holds a Masters Degree in Sport Administration from the University of Northern Colorado.

    The patent pending design was manifested from previous improvements of old hitting devices, new schools of hitting thought and overall market demand for weighted swing trainers.


    St George, UT

    I'm a reseller for this manufacturer.  The pricing is the same here as it is there (you can check), but I may give better discounts they may not.


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