Overload Training Bat: "Goliath" End Loaded Wood Bat

$225.00 $200.00
Overload Training Bat - Anchor Bat "Goliath"
Overload Training Bat - Anchor Bat "Goliath"
Overload Training Bat - Anchor Bat "Goliath"

Overload Training Bat: "Goliath" End Loaded Wood Bat

$225.00 $200.00
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Dramatically Increase Batted Ball Distance Without Touching Swing Mechanics...In A Reasonably Short Period Of Time!

  • Other custom wood bats are great for training hitters to hit a smaller sweet spot compared to metal bats.  In addition to that benefit, Red Goliath is like resistance training for the swing. Because of extreme bat weight (overload trainer), hitter gets stronger and develops more control over the barrel to hit more line drives. Red Goliath is the ultimate swing tune-up hitting aid.
  • Other custom wood bats can range in price from $170 to $200 ... plus shipping.  Our shipping on this bat is FREE!  Price is what-you-see-is-what-you-get.
  • Other custom wood bats typically weigh between 0 and 5 ounces LESS than the length, e.g. 33-inch bat that weighs 28-ounces.  Red Goliath is specifically end loaded, weighing between 4 to 6 ounces HEAVIER than the length, e.g. 32-inch Goliah weighs 36-ounces.
  • Other custom wood bats use typical boring colors.  Red Goliath unique, is candy apple red, which will catch the eye.  Similar to a red Ferrari v. a boring old white, silver, or beige "every-other-car".
  • Other custom wood bats, even some of the most commonly known brand names like Louisville Slugger, are now being made in China.  Anchor Bats are MADE IN USA, South Carolina to be specific.  When it comes to wood bats, you get what you pay for.

PLEASE NOTE: Each bat is $200 (not for all 3 sizes).


  • High Tee Drills - get hitters using the +4 to +6 end loaded wood bat while hitting ball set high on tee, so hitters are challenged to NOT pop the ball up (btw, this is hard not to do with Goliath). Goal is for hitter to get ball coming off bat the same height of the tee.  And I highly recommend a Backspin Tee, so hitter forces the barrel to the bottom half of the ball...
  • Optimize Hitter Strength - the +4 to +6 end loaded bat will help make hitters stronger, control barrel better, and increase Ball Exit Speeds. Take 5 swings with Goliath, then 5 swings with an ultra light bat to massage the fast twitch muscle fibers associated with "speed", and you have a perfect storm for dramatically improving hitters...
  • Hit LIVE! - can use Goliath to hit LIVE, soft toss, or off the tee.
  • Challenge Hitter Barrel Path - LIVE pitches on inner half of the plate and up in the zone, really challenge hitters to keep Goliath's barrel above their hands...fight the barrel from dropping, and get the ball leaving the barrel the same height it came in from.
  • Great for Fastpitch Softball too! - dramatic 6-week Fastpitch Softball case study...High School Frosh hitter made no mechanical changes in 6-week period, ONLY used overload training bat, and went from a 45-mph Ball Exit Speed to 53-mph! That made the difference of her making the school's Varsity Softball team.

When the dream ignited for Anchor Bat Co., few people, including its founders, thought it would become a reality. Father-and-son duo, Eddie & Matthew Rollins, have been engulfed in the game of baseball their entire lives. In 2012, they said a few prayers and decided to evolve their gifts and passions into improving the game they love so much.

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So, here's the bad news...

Best Wood Bats: Goliath overload training bats are custom made, so you'll have to allow at least 3 to 5 weeks shipping for your order.  Yuck!  But, but, but ... other custom wood bat companies can take up to 6-weeks to make and send a custom bat!!  Which may mean it's coming on a slow boat from China!  


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