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Best Batting Tee - Backspin Tee Standard Model

$255.00 $235.00

Best Batting Tee - Backspin Tee Standard Model

7 reviews
$255.00 $235.00

Learn How To Teach Hitters To Consistently Hit Line Drives Without Teaching Them!


  • Pin system that allows for easy adjustability

  • 4 adjustable heights (20″, 28″, 34″, 40″)

  • Double wrapped flexible cones

  • Half the weight of the Pro Model. May find a bit of movement from the tee on mishits (top of the ball).

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    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Only tee with double wrapped cone
    • Only tee winning an Edison Award
    • Launch angle chart
    • Adjustable angles
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Used by every MLB team
    • Free online hitting advice (and I can vouch for these guys - they're legit)
    • Monthly giveaways
    • Most LIKED batting tool on Social Media
    • Invented by MLB All-Star
    • Won't lose its height adjustment
    • Made in USA

    *Simply return ship any broken cone with proof of purchase and we will ship you a new cone!

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    I'm a reseller for this manufacturer.  The pricing is the same here as it is there (you can check), but I may give better discounts they may not.

      FREE Shipping!


      You can use them with this product :-D

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      Pro Tee Review
      The materials used are heavy duty and out of the box you know the tee will last for years to come. I highly recommend purchasing the angle attachment with the tee. It matches the pitch plane perfectly.


      Interesting stuff
      This book has offered me very simple ways to teach complex movements with hitters. Players on our summer team that I coached had an easy time understanding what they were trying to get their bodies to do.

      Cody Perrin

      Challenging and a good value
      The most surprising thing about this machine is how challenging it is and how many swings you can take in a short amount of time. I've used it indoors and outside with my son's pony league teammates as well as my adult league buddies and it's very reliable.


      How To Generate Bat Speed & Enter Hitting Zone Correct Way
      What our hitters really like about the WhipStick is the instant feedback they receive in their swings. They feel how to generate bat speed and enter the hitting zone the correct way.

      Aaron Sutton, Head Baseball Coach, Montana State Billings

      - Fantastic Statement That Says It All
      Just a fantastic statement that says it all when comes to being the best

      Bernie N.

      Great teaching tool
      Rope bat has been an excellent addition to our baseball team. It has helped with waiting on the pitch and hitting with power through the ball. It has helped several players increase their hand speed also.


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