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Catapult Loading System: How To Teach 100-Pound Hitters To Consistently Drive The Ball 300-Feet (Expanded & Updated)

$19.97 $4.95
Catapult Loading System: How To Teach 100-Pound Hitters To Consistently Drive The Ball 300-Feet (Expanded & Updated)

Catapult Loading System: How To Teach 100-Pound Hitters To Consistently Drive The Ball 300-Feet (Expanded & Updated)

11 reviews
$19.97 $4.95

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Author: Joey Myers

Edition: 2

Format: Paperback and Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 141

Release Date: 2018-02-13

Details: On Amazon, The Catapult Loading System was officially named an Amazon BESTSELLER in 2017. The 1st edition (purple cover) and 2nd edition (blue cover) have combined SOLD, downloaded, listened to, and given away well over 11,000 copies!   The Catapult Loading System: How to Teach 100-Pound Hitters to Consistently Drive the Ball 300-Feet book is where Bill Nye the Science Guy meets Babe Ruth.  Joey Myers uses human movement principles that are validated by REAL science, NOT because-I-said-so "bro-science, to hitting a ball. With this system, Joey and literally tens of thousands of coaches across the nation are helping baseball and fast pitch hitters, to consistently triple their body-weight in batted ball distance.

"My son at 10yo (90-lbs) is highly coach-able. I taught him the system in February and he hit well during the season but could only hit the ball around 180'. Then all of a sudden around June he started killing the ball. He was hitting
home runs every game and hit a ball at least 250-feet"- Michael Parillo

Sick of struggling to help hitters drive the ball hard with more consistency? Dramatically increase power without sacrificing swing quality. Literally thousands of coaches across the nation are getting predictably positive results with hitters using the CLS system. How? By applying human movement principles validated by REAL science to hitting a ball, and NOT "bro-science".


  • How to master a handful of human movement principles, so you can slice the "teach hitting" learning curve in half.
  • How to effectively load the body, so your hitters can optimize their batted ball distance potential.
  • How elite-hitters are revealing ways to hit balls with High-Exit-Speeds, swing after swing, using three elements a 4-year-old can understand.
  • Why 'loading and exploding the hips' is bad for lower back, and how to teach hitters a highly effective but SAFE swing.


  • 'How to practice' section at end of each movement principle Chapter.
  • How to train a 2-year-old to hit a moving ball (proof that NOT only elite hitters can be taught these movements).
  • Why pitchers are taught to pitch around ineffective swing paths, and how to turn their weapon against them.
  • Why coaches MUST focus their hitters' efforts on targeting and elevating pitches low in the zone.
  • How to teach timing and get hitters on-time more often in games.

FREE Book! Just Pay $8.95 Shipping & Handling - 50% OFF Amazon Price!

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Pro Tee Review
The materials used are heavy duty and out of the box you know the tee will last for years to come. I highly recommend purchasing the angle attachment with the tee. It matches the pitch plane perfectly.


Interesting stuff
This book has offered me very simple ways to teach complex movements with hitters. Players on our summer team that I coached had an easy time understanding what they were trying to get their bodies to do.

Cody Perrin

Challenging and a good value
The most surprising thing about this machine is how challenging it is and how many swings you can take in a short amount of time. I've used it indoors and outside with my son's pony league teammates as well as my adult league buddies and it's very reliable.


How To Generate Bat Speed & Enter Hitting Zone Correct Way
What our hitters really like about the WhipStick is the instant feedback they receive in their swings. They feel how to generate bat speed and enter the hitting zone the correct way.

Aaron Sutton, Head Baseball Coach, Montana State Billings

- Fantastic Statement That Says It All
Just a fantastic statement that says it all when comes to being the best

Bernie N.

Great teaching tool
Rope bat has been an excellent addition to our baseball team. It has helped with waiting on the pitch and hitting with power through the ball. It has helped several players increase their hand speed also.


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