On-Time Hitter 2.0: Engineering The Alpha

On-Time Hitter 2.0: Engineering The Alpha

On-Time Hitter 2.0: Engineering The Alpha

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How To Teach Hitters How To Predictably Get On-Time, While Maintaining High Ball Exit Speeds In A Reasonably Short Period Of Time Regardless Of Hitter Age, Gender, Or Size In Just 3 Weeks

Sick of struggling with getting your hitters on-time, balanced, and keeping high Ball Exit Speeds, especially while hitting off-speed and breaking pitches?  Finally, you’ll be able to track pitches crystal clear, accelerate reaction time decision-making, & get ON-TIME without losing swing effectiveness with this “Secret” online video course you can’t live without.

Here are some of the things you'll be learning:

  • A step by step solution to pitch recognition training: This is good for you because hitters will learn how to pick up pitches sooner (first 30-feet of ball flight), so they can get on base more frequently, swing at better pitches, and get ON-TIME more often.
  • Effective Velocity expert Perry Husband's pitch tunnels secret: This is important because pitchers will be using the same EV system to break hitters' timing down, and your hitters will know how to counter this pitcher's weapon by getting ON-TIME and "hunting" pitches properly.
  • Video 'occlusion' pitch recognition expert Dr. Peter Fadde's secret breaking ball and off speed hitting drill: This is big because you'll see how to train hitters to track pitches crystal clear, accelerate reaction time decision-making, & get ON-TIME without losing swing performance.
  • The answer to WHY I use the fine art of "variance" (and you should too!!):This a good thing because studies reveal this simple science of successful learning principle is fundamental to building ON-TIME game-ready swings.
  • Insight into WHY your hitters don't have to be a pro to stride like a pro: This is great because learning the proper elements of a good stride like width, direction, and stride open or closed will help your hitters get ON-TIME more often without losing swing performance.

We apply human movement principles validated by REAL Science to hitting a ball, NOT because-I-said-so "bro-science".  You can eat soup with a spoon, fork, or knife but only one way is more effective.  Teaching hitters is the same.  There are hundreds of ways to teach hitting, but only one way is more effective.  Success leaves clues. 

PLEASE NOTE: when clicking the "Get Access At 'The Truth'" button above, you'll be sent to Hitting Performance Lab's product page website:


So don't worry, you're in the right place!


    Pro Tee Review

    The materials used are heavy duty and out of the box you know the tee will last for years to come.  I highly recommend purchasing the angle attachment with the tee. It matches the pitch plane perfectly.

    Interesting stuff

    This book has offered me very simple ways to teach complex movements with hitters. Players on our summer team that I coached had an easy time understanding what they were trying to get their bodies to do.

    Cody Perrin
    Challenging and a good value

    The most surprising thing about this machine is how challenging it is and how many swings you can take in a short amount of time.  I've used it indoors and outside with my son's pony league teammates as well as my adult league buddies and it's very reliable.


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