Youth Kinetic Arm Path Protective K2 Sleeve For Baseball & Softball Pitching | Perfect Throw Trainer 2024 Review

$149.00 $124.00
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Youth Kinetic Arm Path Protective K2 Sleeve For Baseball & Softball Pitching
Youth Kinetic Arm Path Protective K2 Sleeve For Baseball & Softball Pitching
Youth Kinetic Arm Path Protective K2 Sleeve For Baseball & Softball Pitching
Youth Kinetic Arm Path Protective K2 Sleeve For Baseball & Softball Pitching
Youth Kinetic Arm Path Protective K2 Sleeve For Baseball & Softball Pitching
Youth Kinetic Arm Path Protective K2 Sleeve For Baseball & Softball Pitching
Kinetic Arm Care Instructions

Youth Kinetic Arm Path Protective K2 Sleeve For Baseball & Softball Pitching | Perfect Throw Trainer 2024 Review

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$149.00 $124.00
You save: $25.00 USD(16.78%)
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🌠 Presenting: The Dynamic Arm Stabilizer, AKA: The Kinetic Arm™ Showstopper! 🌠

Quick Whisper to My Fellow Shoppers: Psst... I'm in the drop shipping biz, so if the Kinetic Arm website showcases that dreaded "out of stock" banner, guess what? We're both on the waiting list, dancing to the same tune. It's our little shared secret. 🎶🤫

Step into the Future with Kinetic Arm™ 🚀

Here it is, the marvel of the decade: The Kinetic Arm™! Not just your everyday stabilizer; it's a masterpiece crafted to pamper both your elbow and shoulder as you swing and throw. With its flexible charm, it’s here to ensure your arm moves with grace, poise, and sheer power.

Breaking the Mold 🎭

Those traditional arm braces that act like prison guards, limiting movement? Bid them adieu! The Kinetic Arm™ dynamic sleeve is the ultimate sidekick, cheering you on as you dance through the game, ensuring every move is pitch perfect.

Behold: The MuscleWeb™ Magic 🌌

The first of its kind, this sleeve boasts the groundbreaking MuscleWeb™ Technology. It's like having a guardian angel, always there, especially when your arm's feeling like the underdog. Seamlessly aligning with your muscles, it ensures every move feels natural, without the tiniest hitch. Essentially, it's the guardian of the galaxy... for athletes!

Why It's A Game Changer: 🎖️

  • Powered by bulletproof DATA (because we trust numbers!)
  • Promises a staggering 30% reduction in elbow torque and stress. (Your arm's very own spa day, every day!)
  • Suiting up with this marvel ensures:
    1. Conditioning that'll make you the envy of all,
    2. Speed that'd make superheroes jealous,
    3. And a shield against those pesky injuries.

So, sport-star, are you ready to redefine your game, be unstoppable, and showcase moves that legends are made of? Don the Kinetic Arm™ and let the world be your playground. Let's rock this! 🎸⚡🏆


How does the Kinetic Arm Work?

This athletic gear works by functionally stabilizing and reducing stress on joints during throwing/swinging mechanics.  Its unique patented design has embedded MuscleWeb™ Technology, which acts as a flexible external support system that reinforces natural anatomical function, optimizing mechanics without restricting motion.  The product has been tested and has proven to significantly reduce arm stress that is the leading cause of most overuse injuries.

How does Kinetic Arm help optimize mechanics?

The Kinetic Arm helps optimize mechanics by not letting your arm go into vulnerable positions or dangerous ranges. As you fatigue the arm can tend to lag behind as the body rotates which causes impingement at the shoulder, and more stress on the labrum. The internal components pull in the same direction as your muscles to reinforce an efficient movement pattern.

How does Kinetic Arm help sustain and increase velocity?

The Kinetic Arm reduces stress and fatigue to the joints allowing you to throw harder and longer.

How does Kinetic Arm reduce arm stress during throwing or swinging motion?

The internal components are designed to offload the muscular system and connective tissue. This extra added layer of protection absorbs stress that would otherwise be harmful.

Is it bulk and does it restrict motion?

No. The Kinetic Arm™ patented design is lightweight and slim to contours to the shape of your torso and arm, so it does not restrict motion or change delivery, and can be easily worn under a practice shirt or jersey. There are adjustable straps so you can adjust how much assistance and support comes from the sleeve in acceleration as well as deceleration by adjusting the tension of the straps.  If any restriction is felt, simply loosen the strap.

Will my arm become dependent on the Kinetic Arm?

No.   Studies show the sleeve offloads significant amount of stress, but there was no signs of atrophy to the muscle and or active tissue due to the amount of  force still required to throw.

How is the sleeve different than an arm brace or compression sleeve?

The Kinetic Arm™ is designed to stabilize joints while in motion, unlike traditional arm braces designed to immobilize joints and restrict motion. The sleeve offers more protective benefits than traditional compression sleeves, in that athletes can wear it for extra functional support during throwing or swinging mechanics.

Who can wear the Kinetic Arm sleeve?

The Kinetic Arm™ is designed for all throwing athletes who engage in repetitive throwing and swinging sports.  It was originally designed for baseball/softball and football players as a workload management tool to aid in injury prevention. However, the sleeve was quickly adopted by other athletes that engage in throwing and swinging motions such as tennis, golf, lacrosse, javelin, and cricket.

Is the sleeve designed for ONLY pitchers?

No.  The Kinetic Arm™ is designed for throwing athletes, and is currently being used in baseball and softball by all position players, as well as in football by quarterbacks.

Is there a youth model?

Yes. The youth model is in process of production and is scheduled to become available by Summer or Fall in 2022.

Can I wear the sleeve in a game?

Yes.  There are no existing rules stating that an elbow or shoulder support system cannot be worn during games. Both collegiate and high school athletes have worn the sleeve under their jersey or shirts during the game. This sleeve is a form of protective gear.

How do I know if I'm wearing the sleeve correctly?

There are instructional videos that will be emailed to you after placing order to give proper instruction on how to wear and adjust the sleeve.

Should I wear a shirt under the Kinetic Arm?

Yes. It is recommended to wear a lightweight shirt or base layer under the Kinetic Arm™ to prevent skin friction. The Kinetic Arm™ base layer has an ergonomic design to help keep the seams off high abrasion areas, increasing durability and comfort, with thumb access holes to help you keep the base layer in place while putting on or adjusting sleeve.

When should I wear the sleeve and what are the long term effects?

It is recommended to wear the sleeve while you are engaging in the highest amounts of reps or max effort during practice or pregame. The data shows that the Kinetic Arm™ can reduce arm elbow stress up to 30% during throwing mechanics. Wearing this sleeve gives an added layer of protection and the accumulated stress that leads to fraying or tears to the elbow and shoulder.

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