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Pro Tee Review

The materials used are heavy duty and out of the box you know the tee will last for years to come.  I highly recommend purchasing the angle attachment with the tee. It matches the pitch plane perfectly.

Interesting stuff

This book has offered me very simple ways to teach complex movements with hitters. Players on our summer team that I coached had an easy time understanding what they were trying to get their bodies to do.

Cody Perrin
Big fan

More high effort throws Less fatigue Train and throw with better intensity - increases velo steadily thru reps you would-be get normally and over speed training Helping me get better.

Jeremy S.
Great product - great service - fast delivery!

Game changer of a product - light up the hip flexors and save my back!

Brett Z.
Fantastic Statement That Says It All

Just a fantastic statement that says it all when comes to being the best

Bernie N.

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