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Absolutely incredible. Son loves this tee and hitting instructor enjoys it when we bring it to lessons. I would recommend for anyone who is serious about teaching their child to be a great hitter. Easy to set up and use. Holds ball firmly and designed very well.

douglas bucher
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My son loves this thing! I bought the cheapest version.. but him hitting alot of reps without having to bend down and put a ball on each time.. his work outs are twice as fast eliminating the baseball on tee.. by the way his BA is .440 as a sophomore at varsity. Last year struggled with a .150 at JV. So I recommend this for all baseball and softball players.

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Rope bat has been an excellent addition to our baseball team. It has helped with waiting on the pitch and hitting with power through the ball. It has helped several players increase their hand speed also.

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There are thousands of ways to teach hitting.  Just like you can eat soup with a spoon, fork, or knife, only one tool is more effective.  Teaching hitting is the same way.  Methods are many, but principles are few.  We carry products that stick to the principles, or "rules" of human movement.

We at the Hitting Performance Lab AND The Starting Lineup Store – apply human movement principles validated by REAL science, NOT because-I-said-so “bro-science, to hitting a ball.  Softball and baseball included.  Because opinions ARE NOT facts.  We hand picked hitting aids that support "science-backed" swings.  

The Backspin Tee

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  • The "Trust" factor - Super Secure Ordering available.
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  • We only include effective hitting aids (validated by Science & data driven), wearables, and resources that will move your hitters forward.
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